Green earth have seven main projects which are persistent on defending biodiversity within every field of the North Eastern region of India through technical study, lawful act, strategy promotion and reform, dialogue with government agencies both at the central, state and local levels and industry. We are also deeply involved in the creative, strategic media and outreach programmes throughout the region with active participation of society specially woman and children. Our four basic divisions are :

Vector Born Disease Control Programme (VBDCP) :- Green earth is one of the key players in combating Malaria in the High Risk belts of Northeast India. we are the First to organise Night Camps on filarial under the guidance of Jt. DHS NVBDCP (M), Assam. Disease control by Behavioral change communication is our approach.

Himalayan Threatened Species Conservation Programme (HTSCP) :- Innovative ways for conservation of the threatened species, in a specific physical area in the Eastern Himalayan range lead by Rajiv Das Kangabam.

Community Based Conservation Programme (CBCP):- We are reaching the Unreached Indigenous Tribe with a view to secure community support in the conservation of biodiversity and Healthy life style. Preserving there Traditional Ecological Knowledge, culture and tradition in a holistic way in harmony with nature.

Legal and Advocacy Programme (LAP):- The success of any anti-poaching efforts will ultimately depend on the rate of conviction. Due to lack of orientation and poor knowledge of law enforcing wildlife and forest right Acts it lagged beneath the commons reach; we strive to sensitize the mass giving legal aid leading a team by Mr.K.N Goswami.

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