1. Document, Preserve and restoration of ecological balance in Northeast India and Eastern Himalayas.
  2. Nourish school children by educating on conservation aspects of Nature and to inculcate to them love for wildlife and natural habitat as a whole. (enduring Pilot project in Arunachal Pradesh)
  3. Create awareness among the general people regarding Healthy lifestyle and effortless ways to maintain ecological balance in the neighborhood.
  4. Limit and eliminate the trade of wildlife by public awareness and by legal support.
  5. Maintain an Interstate and International Network of independent Non Governmental Organizations for their expertise in Biodiversity Conservation and provide a forum for the exchange of views on wildlife and population of conservation as a whole.
  6. Understanding problems among Tribal population in rural areas around Wildlife habitation, wildlife sanctuaries and other forests and to prepare and implement appropriate project for integrated rural development to minimize peoples’ dependence on Inorganic or Synthetic commodities and promote healthy lifestyle.
  7. Foster in scientific applied research in the field of biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge and environment that would provide new avenues for sustainable livelihood generation.

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